Three years ago, we bought plants for our new place and amongst them, there was a Sansevieria Laurentii – commonly known as Snake Plant. The description on the pot read as follows:

“A striking evergreen, succulent perennial with stylish, upright, sword shaped leaves of blue-green, prominently marked with cream bands. A fantastic plant as a sculptural feature for indoors, patios and verandas. Water only when soil is dry.”

My secret to nurture my plants is to talk to them, to play music for them, to simply treat them with love.

Having a green thumb, I had no doubt that it would be easy for me to take care of my Sansevieria. I watered it, sprayed it with fertiliser, ensured it had the right amount of shade, re-potted it and changed its soil when it was too dried up.

But alas, months and years went by and I was not seeing any changes.

Although I was doing the right thing, my Sansevieria was not growing… Or so it seemed.

I could not see the reward.

But eventually it happened:


Two months ago, my Sansevieria sprouted its first new leaf. I was delighted.

Earlier this week, another leaf emerged from the soil. I was overjoyed.

More often than we think, change happens beneath the surface. We just need to persist even if we cannot see the results… yet

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  1. And perhaps some of the results we long for we will not see in our lifetime, but that does not invalidate the struggle to keep nurturing…thank you for the reminder.


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