Road-Trip Guide: Sunshine Coast to Capricorn Coast (Day 2)

The main benefit of doing a road trip with an unknown itinerary is that you can travel at your own pace without any expectations.

Remember: it is okay to have some downtime. Road tripping is not about how far you travel. What matters is appreciating the different setting you are in at that moment in time.      

You may not realise it at first but even for the most experienced pilot, driving can be tiresome. Day 2 of our adventure to Rockhampton was a good example of how we listened to our bodies and opted to have a relaxing day.


“Unless it is whale season, there is not much to do in Hervey Bay”

This is what we’ve been told the day before we began our trip. I find this statement harsh but cannot contest it.

We were hoping to start the day by visiting the Botanic Gardens but as soon as we checked out of our hotel, it started pouring rain which ruled out any plan to do some outdoor activities.

Knowing that the weather situation in Queensland can be pretty unstable during this time of the year, we filled the time by getting our grocery shopping done in order to have snacks, lunch and breakfast for the next day. We also booked our accommodation for the same night.

Before moving on to our next destination, we took a chance and went back to the foreshore to have one last attempt to walk along the famous Urangan Pier which stretches into the Great Sandy Strait.

the urangan pier low tide
The Urangan Pier at low tide and Fraser Island to the East

We were lucky that the rain and wind subsided so we could enjoy the 860 metres walk along the Pier. It was fascinating to observe the motion of the tide, unveiling crabs and other crustaceans. What I liked about this walk was observing adults and children prepping their fishing lines. That’s one skill that I would like to learn.

As we were heading towards our car, we recognised the couple that asked us for directions when we were hiking to Carlo Sand Blow in Rainbow Beach. They had traveled to Brisbane all the way from Hawaii. While we exchanged phone numbers, they explained that they were aiming for Cairns… Until they realised the immensity of Australia but also all of the small towns and beaches they could visit along the way. They decided that their final stop would be Agnes Water.

Waterfront house and a boat for $375k in Burrum Heads, QLD. Sounds like a good deal heh? If you do not mind the swamps.


Straight to Bargara via Bundaberg

In Australian culture, Bundaberg is iconic. Not so much as a town, but as a super brand. All I can say is that we considered visiting the Bundaberg Museum for a tour of the distillery and brewery. However, we found the price of the tours to be exorbitant, especially considering we are both not drinkers.

It was just a matter of priority.

We proceeded straight to our hotel in Bargara to get a much-needed rest.

The weather forecast said that it would be mostly sunny for the upcoming days.

To be continued here

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